Friday, 7 April 2006

Trip into Arkansas

Scene along US65 on the way back from Harrison, Arkansas

Sign for Dogpatch, Arkansas

Scene at Buffalo National River, Arkansas

Our site at America's Best Campground, Branson, MO taken at sunrise

We weren’t moving too fast this morning. Last night was rather scary waiting to see if the tornado was going to hit but it didn’t, thank goodness. One went south of us and most of them went north east. Gordon slept in his chair until about 1:30 a.m. and I was on the couch, still dressed just in case we had to make a hasty exit for the clubhouse building.

I finally took a photo of our site this morning just as the sun was coming up and it is shown above. I was out early for our walks as I had a nap yesterday afternoon and then slept all night.

After lunch we headed out for a drive and wound up driving into Arkansas. We stopped at a Tourist Bureau at Harrison and was told to go to the Buffalo National River that the scenery there was very pretty, so we drove there and took a few pictures. On our way there and back we drove through Dogpatch. I took a photo of the sign for fun. Then we drove back on US Route 65 and took some photos along the way. We bypassed Branson coming back and stopped for a few groceries before heading home.

It was 86F and sunny today but tonight it has clouded over and gotten cooler. There is apparently a cold front coming through.


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I can't imagine waiting out a tornado, wondering if my house was still going to be there when the night is over! I'm glad everything turned out fine for you.

    We drove into Arkansas once - when we took a trip to Memphis. We followed the Mississippi River through Arkansas, up to Illinois and came back down to Memphis through Kentucky (which we thought was such a beautiful state). Are you heading back to Canada for the summer (seems like you're going west to east) or is the direction just a coincidence?

  2. Yes, we're coming back to Ottawa probably for most of May and June to get medical appts etc done and my nephew graduates from Algonquin as a paramedic and my niece from high school going to Ottawa U in bio-med so a busy couple of months. We're returning through Ohio to see my husband's kids and grandkids. We have 4 soon to be 5 grandkids.

    I was petrified of the tornado but my husband says he spent 40 years of his life in Ohio and never saw one although one did hit near Dayton and destroyed a town.

    We returned through Texas, Alabama and Kentucky last year so we're doing a different route this year.



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