Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Rainy Wednesday

Today when I got up it was 57F. It was quite warm all last night and I kept waking up putting covers on and taking them off. For some reason we never sleep with the windows open. We have to try that. I was able to go out to walk with just sweats this morning.

After walking, we headed over to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. This is the last complete breakfast that we’ll be able to have on the gift certificates that I got from my co-workers at BreconRidge when I left in August 2004. That was such a great gift!

We then went to WalMart as Gordon needed to buy more DVDs to back up the photos that we’ve been taking. He also bought some headphones to block out the noise of the TV when I’m watching and he doesn’t want to hear it (or me). I also picked up some groceries while there and I managed to get out of there under $50. A first for this trip I think!

When we returned to the RV, our neighbour was gone (he of the sewer connection with no donut) however later this afternoon another huge motorhome from Texas has arrived. It started to rain a bit, just a sprinkle really so I lay on the couch and read for a bit. Then tried to think of what to have for dinner and figure out if I have everything I need. A little late since we just got back from the grocery store. So I wound up making Tamale Pie. It’s the first time I’ve made it. Someone made it at one of the potlucks we were at, I think at Catalina Spa at Desert Springs and Gordon thought it was really good. It’s made with a cornbread crust so he can eat it.

I also prepared our monthly expenses for February and I’m including a chart of our end of month expenses as some people are interested in that sort of thing. Unfortunately blogspot does not support tables so I’ve converted my table to text. It didn't turn out very well but I think you can figure it out.

February /Per Day
Campground Fees $583.35/$20.83
Groceries $439.88/$15.71
Laundry $14.25/$0.51
Wine/Spirits $0.00 /$0.00
Entertainment $2.25 /$0.08
Snacks $8.83/$0.32
Eating out $108.46 /$3.87
Fuel Truck $410.21/ $14.65
Propane $16.84 /$0.60
Dog Food/Vet etc $35.00 /$1.25
Repairs RV/Truck $38.37/ $1.37
Misc $82.51 /$2.95
Insurance $140.58/ $5.02
Internet $99.85 /$3.57
Cell Phones $97.55 /$3.48
Medical/Dental $0.00 /$0.00
Gifts $59.27/$2.12
Totals $2,137.20 /$76.33

The temperature today only got to about 66F but it’s supposed to clear up later today and be nice and sunny tomorrow and about 79F.

We’ve decided that we’ve seen enough of Tucson this week or will have by Sunday and our plans are to head east to Benson. It will be cooler there as the elevation is higher but the campground is less expensive and it has cable, that is, if they have room. I’ve sent an email reservation to them. The campground is called Cochise Terrace RV Resort. If I haven’t heard from them by late tomorrow, I’ll call.

Since it’s been cloudy and raining most of the day, I’ve borrowed a photo that Gordon took a few days ago at Saguaro National Park of the skeleton of a saguaro cactus. I thought it was very interesting.

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