Friday, 3 March 2006


Sample plaque

Today, Bib didn’t want to go out at all. I managed to drag him out but he wouldn’t go to the doggie park. Every morning when we go out there are trains blowing whistles and he’s decided he’s scared of that. What a phobic dog!

I then called the campground in Benson as I hadn’t heard anything from my online reservation. She said the online system was new and it was good that I had called. So we’re booked in to the Cochise Terrace RV Resort for one week starting this Sunday. Here’s the link to their website:

So, we got showered early and then I headed to Marana to WalMart to get groceries since we’re going to be in Benson and I know there’s no WalMart there let alone a SuperWalMart. I’ve known other RVers that have come back to Tucson to shop for groceries. While there I had a nice leisurely Cobb salad at McDonalds.

I have been trying to get Gordon to do my letters for me for our outside plaque. While I was at WalMart I was looking at stencil lettering so I phoned him and asked him if it would be easier if I just bought a stencil for my lettering and he said, yes. So, when I got home I traced out my letters and found that they were too big so I tried doing some in PowerPoint but they were too small. In the end, Gordon did the letters so now I have to get busy. When we were at Camp Verde there was a plaque outside one of the RVs that I photographed. Mine is a different shape and size but I liked this one and photographed it as a reference. I’m using it as my photo for today.

When I got back from WalMart it was still before 2:00 p.m. so I sat outside and read for a while. The wind came up a bit. It was warm when I got home – 80F so I had put on shorts but sitting outside was cool so I took my blanket out with me.

While I was outside, an RVer came in from Alberta. He was over looking at our DirecWay dish and said that he saw a Canadian in Mexico with a DirecWay dish and they had internet & TV through Star Choice. I emailed our installer in Lindsay and he says that he can provide us with the equipment for Star Choice so I checked out their programming and it really sucks so now I need to find out if we can get US programming through Direct TV. It would be so much easier choosing campgrounds (and cheaper) if we didn't have to rely on the campground having cable. The campgrounds in Canada (except for Vancouver) don't have cable so we have to rely on local programming all summer. It can be very boring!

Another night of local TV and computing! No cable at this campground!

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