Sunday 26 March 2006

Preparing to Leave Alamagordo

I slept with the window open last night and it was 67F when I woke up this morning. Temperature reached about 83F.

Since we are leaving tomorrow, probably for Albuquerque, I got the laundry done this morning. There’s a full Laundromat right on the grounds of the RV park. That’s always nice. Too many RV parks have two washers and two dryers and it takes forever to get laundry done. It was also reasonably priced and clean.

After the laundry was done and put away, I had a half hour nap and then decided I would check out the White Sands Mall here in Alamogordo. It has a K-Mart and a downsized version of JC Penney as well as a Bealls and a Burke’s Outlet. There are some small stores including a GNC (with a free massage chair) and a Payless. I had a nice massage for about five minutes. It really felt good. There’s also a theatre and a small food court but lots of empty stores. The Army/Navy have moved in to take up some of the store areas for recruitment. Only bought some stuff at GNC, then on to Dollar General who didn’t have what I wanted so I came home and sat outside and read and made yo-yos for a while but it was a little breezy so came inside and attempted to find a campground to stay at in Albuquerque.

I finally got Gordon involved in making a decision on the campground so we’ve booked a week at the American RV Park, Unfortunately we won’t have cable but we’re on the western outskirts of Albuquerque so we should be okay with the aerial. There’s a lot to see in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area and I expect we’ll see lots more southwestern architecture in this area.

So again my best TV night, a new Desperate Housewives, YEAH! I’m ticked that Gray’s Anatomy was a repeat though.

No photos today, maybe tomorrow!

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