Friday 31 March 2006

The Last Day of March

Today we didn’t do much just recovering from yesterday’s trip. Also today I got the refrigerator defrosted. It’s always a dreaded job.

Other than that, I updated our expenses for the month as shown below.

Campground Fees, $688.44

Groceries, $471.37

Laundry, $16.25

Wine/Spirits, $0.00

Entertainment, $23.79

Snacks, $28.26

Eating out, $81.19

Fuel Truck, $311.65

Propane, $19.17

Dog Food/Vet etc, $0.00

Repairs RV/Truck, $116.38

Misc, $277.37

Insurance, $140.58

Internet, $198.48

Phone Card, $97.55

Medical/Dental, $0.00

Gifts, $34.33

Totals, $2,504.81

It was a lovely day. After I finished defrosting the fridge, I sat outside and read for a while. The temperature got to 75F which wasn’t a whole lot higher than our hometown of Ottawa where it got to 72F!

No photos for today.

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