Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday & Sunday July 31 & August 1, 2010


This morning was much cooler when I woke up 10C (50F) but it was lovely and sunny.

After breakfast we washed and waxed the car. I'm glad it's a small car! That was a lot of work for us. I expect we'll be sore tomorrow.

When we finished Gordon went to see the Railway Museum here in Smiths Falls. He's been wanting to go for some time and I had no desire to see it.

When he got back I headed out to get some groceries and other things. It's so much fun to drive the car! After over six years of driving the truck, it's a real treat to have a small car again. I also like the fact that it has a trunk area so groceries don't fall all over the place like in the truck when they're in the back seat. I'm very happy to have a little car again! It's so much fun to drive!


Another bright sunny day for my walk. I walked to the industrial area this morning as there wasn't much traffic and there are no sidewalks. Too bad the Hershey plant moved out before we came to Smiths Falls. It's in walking distance! That would have been a very bad thing!

I thought I would be sore today but I was fine. I guess my muscles aren't as out of use as I thought.

After breakfast I got another loaf of bread in the breadmaker and also made some gluten-free cookies from a Judy's mix that I picked up at the health food store in town yesterday. I need to bring my own snack to the hospital for my cataract surgery on Wednesday since they don't have any gluten free goodies. I put some white chocolate chips and walnuts in them to make them special!

Our truck has all the bells and whistles being a top of the line Dodge Ram Laramie. Although our little Kia is also a top of the line vehicle it doesn't have an inside/outside thermometer, a compass, or all the calculations that the truck had - how many miles you could go to next fillup etc. so we went out today and picked up a thermometer and a compass. We also need to get a new disc to hold Miss Pinky. Apparently they have them at The Source (Radio Shack) but they weren't open today nor will they be open tomorrow because of the Civic Holiday up here.

That accomplished, we went for a little drive around some country roads.

Part of the Cataraqui Trail

A dead tree with a pretty sky background

Country road

Gordon wanted to fill the car up on our return so he did that and put 17.1 litres into it (compared to over 100 litres in the truck usually). The car tank was only half empty though.

I also have a line on a freezer for sale right here in Smiths Falls! I'd like to get that before Wednesday as I won't be able to lift anything over 40 lb. for about 6 weeks or more.

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