Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Monday & Tuesday July 26 & 27, 2010


What an absolutely beautiful day, bright, sunny, no humidity and about 28C (83F). George arrived this morning and put the back door back on. I'm not happy with the paint job at all. When he started to put the hardware back on he couldn't get the dead bolt installed so he went out to buy a new one. While he was gone, Gordon put it in. George is a very nice man but he's definitely getting too old to do some of these things. I think I'll be putting a coat of paint on the back door and do the front door. I think I can do a better job with a small roller and taping off the hardware.

George left early so we got ready and headed out for a drive. We were gone over six hours, driving back roads southwest of here. We ended up at Chaffey's Locks at the Opinicon Resort where we had dinner. We had an omelet and they were huge. Gordon thought it was great but my opinion was it was okay especially for the price charged.

Here is a blockhouse that was built along the canal. It is one of four that were built. To read about it, click here and here. It is not a house that people live in but was built to protect the canal from American attack. Remember this was 1833. This one is located at Newboro Lock southwest of us.

I thought these lawn chairs were quite pretty and colourful sitting on someone's dock.

This photo reminded me of Lake Martin, LA with all the green algae on the water.

A view at Frontenac Provincial Park
'Opinicon Resort - beautiful old building built in the 1800s.

The grounds are beautiful too with lots of trees.

We had a good time though and took lots of photos.


Today was more humid so it felt hotter but it wasn't too bad when I went out for my walk. At least there was a breeze then. Later in the day it disappeared.

I got ready to leave early today as the guy putting tar on the roof was supposed to be here first thing this morning. So I was gone by about 9:30 or so. I was looking for a plant pot for my front step. Didn't find what I wanted. I looked through about thirty wallpaper books and picked out some likely contenders for redoing the bathroom. I think I can handle wallpapering that small space. I made a few other stops and got home around 12:30. Hmmm...no tar smell. George didn't show up!

Gordon's photo was ready at the framers so we went over there and picked it up after lunch. It's one that we're keeping so it's hung over his chair in the living room.

When we got back I put another load of bread in the breadmaker. We're going through a lot of bread. The loaves are small so if we're both eating it it's gone in 2-3 days.

This afternoon I went out to the garage to get the trash ready for tomorrow's pickup. What a mess I found! This guy opened cans of paint and left them open with the paintbrushes in them. He had white paint spilled all inside my blue box, white paint on the rug that's just inside the garage door and just a general mess. Maybe that's why he didn't show up today! I think I managed to save the red paint, I put some plastic over it as who knows where the top is and since it's so hot the black paint didn't dry up either so I used it and the brush that was in it to paint some of the cupboard doors in the garage. Now, of course, I need more to finish it!

Methinks we'll have to find someone else to finish up the jobs we have. At least the deck looks good but he did get stain splatters on the white siding of the house from staining the deck. They aren't noticeable till you're up close but I doubt if there's anything that will take stain off siding. If there is, please let me know. He also got black paint all over the cement in front of the garage door. I tried TSP but that didn't work, any ideas for that?


  1. As usual, you found some lovely places to photograph. The pictures are great.

    Oh, golly, what a mess you have!
    He sounds like a very sloppy workman, and I don't blame you for wanting to finish it yourself.
    I would be very upset, as I am sure you are.
    He wouldn't work for me again, as we take care of our paint and brushes here.
    We label and keep paint, as you never know when there will be a touch up to do. I even heat my shed in the freezing weather, to keep the paint and caulk from ruining. I could bring it into the attached workshop, but I don't want anything flammable that close to the house.

    I think I would try some diluted bleach for the siding.
    If it is latex type paint then I would try Goof Off. I know it gets dried paint off my clothes when I get too close to wet paint.
    For oil based paint, maybe paint thinnner?
    TSP is usually for prepping paint work.
    I hope you can get it all cleaned off.
    Happy Painting, Penny, TX

  2. What a mess to clean up! I like your photos!


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