Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday January 21, 2010-Eye Doctor-NOT!

It was -6C (21F) this morning, -12C (10F) with the windchill but it was a nice morning for a walk through the residential areas around here. It was still cloudy but the sun came out early in the afternoon. It was a welcome sight!

I was reading Travels with Miranda this morning. She has a Glendale Class C. Our Titanium is also made by Glendale. She said that she read that Glendale has filed for bankruptcy. That's a real bummer since they make an excellent product. We have been very happy with our Titanium.

My appointment with the eye specialist was scheduled for late this afternoon. So away we went only to find out when we arrived that the doctor had been called away on a family emergency. They tried to call us but our cell phones are 361 area code and the area code for Ottawa is 613 so people always get it wrong. Maybe we should change to another area code. I guess we'll wait till we see if I'll be able to go back to the U.S. before going to the trouble.

I asked the receptionist when they were booking cataract surgery - JULY! Lucky I'm getting started this winter!

As much as I enjoyed seeing the sun today, it sure was brutal driving home after my appointment this afternoon. You could hardly see the traffic lights. I'm glad to see it anyway!

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