Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thursday October 29, 2009-A Few Things Accomplished

Other than my usual morning walk, I got a couple of things accomplished today. One was to call my eye doctor and get him to move up the surgeon's appointment for my cataracts. The other was Gordon calling Powderhorn RV Resort & Marina in Texas to cancel our reservation. That was a very difficult thing to do.

We've been looking for alternatives for internet while we're here and there doesn't seem to be any. It's Rogers cable or Bell Wimax. Wimax is run from the cell towers and can be as slow as dial up. Nancy has a 3 GB cap on Rogers and with three of us using it it's bound to go over her cap. This area does not have Bell high speed available apparently. Who knows why? Anyway we went to the Bell store tonight for some answers and the only thing he could offer was to call Customer Service to complain or go with Wimax. We tried our satellite and the buildings are in the way so we can't use that. So, we're still looking.


  1. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Hi - why don't you just bump up Nancy's Rogers service to the max available for the time you're there and pay her back the difference? It's got to be the most convenient and least expensive option...once you get on the road, then she takes the service back down to what it was...

    just a thought....

  2. Sure hope you find a way out of that, maybe both of you have separate accounts? It will be a long winter without being online.

  3. supertrooper10:01 am

    We have Rogers portable internet ..its fast ( $29 a month only ) and portable ..we love it and I know you will be covered where you are staying .
    Good luck Sandra

    Linda xxxxxx


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