Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday September 11, 2009-Around the Park

September has been a beautiful month so far, no rain to speak of and sunny, bright days with a little breeze and no humidity. I'll take it!

When I first walked out the door this morning, I could smell a skunk. Oh, oh, better be careful. When I got out to the road, there was the skunk but he wasn't going to be any threat to me as a car had already gotten him and boy did he smell!

I went for an extra long walk along the Appleton Side Road. I walked further than I've ever gone before on this road.

After breakfast I went in to Carleton Place and got some groceries. We have some trim that has come loose so I also needed some finishing nails. I stopped at the local Bytown Lumber but they only had huge boxes of nails. I told him I only needed 12 so he reached into one of the boxes, took them out and gave them to me. No charge! You sure don't see that much any more.

After getting home and unpacking the groceries, I made my lunch and sat outside enjoying the day having lunch and reading. I walked around the park a bit and took some photos, talked with Dave, the campground owner for a while and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

Views from my lawnchair

Our site is along the campground road but we have a huge yard on the playing field

The beach

Fall is coming!


Office and rec hall


Other than a short trip in to Kanata (western Ottawa suburb) to pick up a new Mac Operating System for Gordon, we stayed at home all day.

To read Gordon's blog, click here.

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