Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturday September 12, 2009 - Spiders and Webs

Each day's weather just keeps getting better and better. We had bright blue sunny skies today with a light breeze and a high of 23C (74F).

Yesterday morning on my walk I saw hundreds of spider webs but I didn't have my camera so today in Dee's honour I took my camera and got her several photos of spiders and their webs. Dee and Jim have just sold their condo and are moving this weekend to an apartment in preparation for fulltiming in the next few months. She's always wanted a photo of a spider in it's web so now she has some to choose from!

For others who don't especially like spiders, I've made the photos small although all you have to do to enlarge is click on them.

I walked a ways on the rail trail this morning, sat outside and read, did some cleaning and that about covers my day!

Rail Trail


  1. Great spiders and webs, Sandra.
    One more of nature's miracles.
    Thanks, Penny, TX

  2. Interesting pics of the spiders and webs - great stuff!

  3. Amazing! Great pics! Enjoy your beautiful weather.

  4. Great photos which one is Charlotte?

  5. wow that's amazing. We watched a spider so a small web in the window and it's just fascinating to watch. So intricate.

  6. Love the web pics,Sandra!

  7. Michelle2:54 pm

    Luke and I were out the other morning. I was pushing him on the swing when I noticed a beautifully crafted web. A few minutes later I noticed another one that was attached to his swing and the top beam and it was moving with the swing as I pushed Luke. I took some pictures, too, but I don't know if they turned out yet. I don't have them downloaded to the computer. We've been having great weather, too. Yay, September!


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