Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tuesday November 10, 2009-Out and About

I went for a quick walk/run this morning. I was up early as I was following Nancy to the dealership to get her winter tires put on her vehicle and then brought her home rather than having to wait in uncomfortable waiting room chairs. While there we had a look at the Pontiac Vibe. Nancy's Saturn Vue is 6 years old and she's thinking of trading but the Vue only has 61,000 km (37,800 mi) on it

We hadn't heard from them by noon so I took her for her doctor's appointment and then we went and picked up her vehicle. It was all bright and shiny. They still wash cars that are in for service at this dealership. It's rare these days.

From there I took off to Walmart and then the grocery store.

It was a bright sunny day again but only got to about 12C (54F).

Oh, I did call an Immigration lawyer today and left a message on her voice mail but haven't heard back from her.

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  1. You are lucky with your weather. We only got to 9 C and it rained almost all day! Hope that lawyer calls back soon.


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