Thursday 12 November 2009

Thursday November 12, 2009-Frosty Foggy Morning

I feel special when anyone leaves a blog comment but today I felt extra special to receive a comment from the blogger of all RV bloggers, Tioga George! Thanks for reading my blog, George. And thanks to everyone else who wades through my daily boredom!

Even though it was -5C (23F) this morning I had a wonderful, peaceful walk. The sun was shining but it was also foggy so it was very pretty. After I got moving I wasn't cold at all.

Morning walk photos

I had been told about an Immigration lawyer in London, Ontario by a friend. His son used him when he wanted to move to the US to be with his fiance so this morning I sent him an email with details of the deportation problem and he emailed me back with a few questions which I have now answered. I'm hoping that finally we have someone who can help!

Gordon and I went out this morning to do a little shopping. He needed some clothes to wear around the house and I needed to pick up a few groceries. Then we stopped at Tim Horton's for coffee. I don't seem to be having a problem with coffee right now. Yay!

I had a chat with Dee on Yahoo Messenger this afternoon. She always brightens my day!

We're having breakfast for dinner tonight. We're making buckwheat pancakes with bacon. Never tried them before. Hope they're good!


  1. Oh, Sandra, I love to read your blog and see the lovely pictures that you two take. That is hardly boredom.
    Now, you have us all in suspense! If it is not private, we would like to know what George said?
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. I enjoy your Blog and hope that soon you have your papers straightened out and you can give us good news. That said I hope your stay in Ontario is not too bad. Those frosty pictures of your walk are very good.

  3. Buckwheat pancakes are awesome. I hope you liked them. Good luck with the lawyer and I hope he can help you out. Keeping fingers crossed!

  4. Wow, Tioga George himself. That truly is a feather in the cap of any blogger for sure. Good for you:))

  5. Isn't it something when George leaves a comment? He left one for me last Christmas, It made my day as a blogger.
    We hope your new counsel will have the solution to get you guys to the South soon!

  6. We too love reading your blog and do so every day--we are so sorry about your not being able to go south for the winter--maybe this lawyer can help. You guys were parked next to us at Doc Justin's in Tucson in early 2008, we are friends of Jim and Ellie's. Good luck Sandra and hope to see you in AZ this winter. Mike & Janna

  7. Your frosty walk looks so inviting! Congrats on the Tioga George comment... he is the first RV blog I have ever read!


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