Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday June 20, 2009

It was cloudy all day today. It reached 22C (72F) for a high.

This morning I walked in the campground. There is a nice trail that's kind of a logging road that runs for quite a distance and apparently goes in the back of the campground too but I didn't find that trail this morning. Anyway it was a beautiful walk in the woods. I had sprayed myself with Deet and had my walking stick in case I should encounter any beasties.

Starting out - some of the seasonal sites on the right

A fork in the road - I took the one to the left first

This fork went down by the Ottawa River

Then I came back and took the fork to the right

It just sort of ended

This morning and the first part of the afternoon we just hung out at the RV. It wasn't a nice day to go out and take scenery photos. Mid-afternoon we drove into Mattawa (Meeting of the Waters), about 25 minutes away as that's the closest place to get diesel fuel (85.9 cents/litre which was the same as we paid in Ottawa 2 days ago) and I also wanted a few groceries so I stopped at the local IGA Foodland. I don't know how the people here live if they have to rely on that store. The closest large places to shop are Pembroke (82 km/49 mi) to the east and North Bay (142 km/85 mi) to the west so it's not a hop, skid and a jump away.

Downtown Mattawa
Lots of pretty wildflowers in the park by the Mattawa River

When I got home I prepared Pork Adobo for us for dinner tomorrow night and made breakfast for dinner for tonight.

After dinner and dishes, I went to the campground showers to have a shower. NO HOT WATER! I took a shower anyway since I was there and I was hot and tired anyway.


  1. Sandra,
    Your pictures are awesome! Oh, do I miss having water around me. Lots of woods and wildlife here but not quite the same as the north woods. I love the pictures of the wildflowers, and the picture of the turtle earlier is a favorite too. Looks like you are having great weather.
    I hope you get to take a picture of a moose soon!

  2. Hello Sandra...have not seen you lately on chat for I have been on so late. I am not use to being retired on these long summer days. I stay outside more walking and going and then when I get home it is 9:00 pm and time for a short chat and then to bed! Oh well I see that you and Gordon are doing the campground you are at...very pretty. We are staying on Lake Lewisville at a COE park which is very nice if you happen down this way take note that you would like this park.


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