Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday June 19, 2009 - We're on the Move!

We didn't know if we were going to leave today or not. It was supposed to be rainy. Gordon woke me at 6 and asked me if I wanted to leave. I told him it was up to him so he went away and came back at 6:30 and said that we were going to try it.

We left Carleton Place at 8:53 a.m. under cloudy skies and 17C (63F). We weren't far away from the RV Park when the sun came out and stayed out for most of today's drive.

On our way

We stopped for a very short time for construction on this bridge

Pretty wildflowers along the road

Coming into Deux Rivieres

We arrived at Antlers Kingfisher Lodge & Campground around 11:50 a.m. and were set up by about 1:30 p.m. It's a pretty little campground "bounded by the splendor of the Laurentian Mountains along The Lake Temiskaming-Ottawa River Waterway to the North and the pristine wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park to the South". It's a bit noisy since it's right off the Trans Canada Highway which is quite busy being the only road going north and west.

When we arrived the shorts came out. It's amazing that we had to come to the north to get warm weather but today is indeed a beautiful day!

An inlet of the Ottawa River right in front of us

Our site

View from our side window

After getting set up we went on a drive recommended by the owner of the campground. It's a gravel road that takes you into Algonquin Provincial Park. He said there were often moose there in the swampy areas. Away we went. We stopped at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre and a pass for the park was $13/day. We elected not to buy it as it was 26 km (16 mi) before we would even get to the park. I'm glad we didn't as we'd had enough of the gravel road by the time we got to the park entrance an NO MOOSE! We did however see a momma bear and her cub running across the road on the way back. They were too fast for photos though.

Heading toward Algonquin Park on the Brent Road

A couple of marshy areas, but no moose!

We started to take a side trip to Wendigo Lake but ran into water on the road so we decided not to go through it although I'm sure it wouldn't have been a problem.

Lilies and lily pads along the road

Once we got back to the highway we continued east to a little park that we had passed on the way in. It was quite pretty there.

Views from the picnic area at the park

Pretty blue dragonfly

Water iris

We reached 30C (86F) today and we had to come to the north woods to get that kind of warmth! We even have the air conditioner on!

We're sure glad we decided to leave today since it turned out to be so nice.


  1. Thanks for the trip... Sherri and I are headed out for our walk...scenery not near what your's is but we like it.

  2. So glad you had great weather. Thanks for posting your site location. Awesome!

  3. Looks like a nice campsite. Thanks for posting the pics - they're great!


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