Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Shopping and a Photography Workshop

Today was another beautiful sunny day, low 44F (7C), high 66F (19C). The wind came up this afternoon but it wasn't too bad.

After my usual morning of walking and breakfast, I got ready to go for groceries. I wanted to go to Dollar Tree for some items so instead of shopping in Rockport, I went an extra 12 miles south to Port Aransas. I didn't find everything I wanted at Dollar Tree but I did find some things I wasn't looking for, as usual. Then to Walmart for most of my groceries and then to HEB. The HEB in Port Aransas does have some gluten free products and I was able to get some taco crumbs that I'd been wanting. When I arrived at HEB, the strap on my purse broke so I stopped at the Walmart in Rockport to see if I could find a purse. They had a really lousy selection so it will have to wait till we get to Corpus Christi. If I could find a shoemaker, he might be able to fix it but I need something in the meantime. After unloading groceries, I sat outside and read for a while.

There was a Photography Workshop at 4:30 p.m. at the rec hall so we both went to it. It was a pretty basic course put on by a semi-retired photographer from Arizona. I don't think I learned anything that Gordon hadn't already taught me. I guess I know more about it than I thought I did.

With all that, I didn't take any photos today so have borrowed a photo of the fire that he took last night. This is a nightshot of a prescribed burn in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
on the Blackjack Peninsula of Texas with an oyster reef in the foreground. It looked like it was out of control at one point and I haven't heard anything about it on the news.


  1. Beautiful fire!!! I can say that because it was controled burn. The colors or great...good going Gordon.. Hey that fits you

    Good Going Gordon

  2. Great picture! Do you know of any upcoming photo classes in the Corpus Christi area?


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