Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Another Day at MISP and Area

Low-65F (18C)
High- 72F (22C)

I had the windows open last night and with the high humidity things were very damp this morning so I turned on the air conditioner. It was VERY foggy this morning and didn't burn off till after 10 a.m. when we had some sun then it clouded over.

After my morning walk and breakfast, I vacuumed then had a shower at the campground shower house. I've probably mentioned this before but this is one of the worst shower houses we've seen and to top it off the water is not hot and hardly warm most of the time. I think we've decided that if we come back here it won't be for this long.

We had lunch and then went in to Port Aransas. Gordon was expecting a package from his daughter at the post office. We picked that up then ran some errands including finding a phone book so Gordon could see what was done with his photo on the cover. It takes up the whole cover! It looks great!

Here's the phone book and the photographer

Here is Gordon eating one of the heart-shaped cookies that came in the box. The cookies were a joint venture with all three grandkids contributing.

One of the little boats outside the library

I checked out the local laundromat. It's a nice clean one so I might go there on Friday to do laundry as the one on Padre Island has a very small parking lot and it was full yesterday when we went by. Not a place for 1 ton trucks!

We did some driving around and ended up at Leonabelle Turnbull again which means....more bird photos!

Green winged teal

The tri-colour heron coming in for a landing

The roseates were out and about today

It was cloudy and dreary most of the day again but near time for sunset we had a little bit of watery sun. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful though!


  1. How neat to have your work on the phone book. Congrats to Gordon..

  2. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Congratulations Gordon !!!Nice to see recognition for your very amazing talent !

    John Stephens


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