Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Busy but Great Day!

I thought today was supposed to be cold but I guess the jet stream didn't dip as far as the weathermen expected so I woke up to 54F (12C) with only a little wind so I had a lovely walk. I must have run farther than usual because I cut 5 minutes off my time going around the long loop.

Ellie was going to Victoria to a Weight Watcher's meeting this morning and Jim went along so Gordon and I decided to go to Port Lavaca to fill up the truck from our trip to Rockport and Port Aransas this week, then while I was there I picked up some groceries at Walmart. Diesel was still 1.99.9 at Walmart. The best price I saw for diesel in Rockport was 2.15.9.

The thermometer in the truck reached 66F (19C) when we were on our way back to Powderhorn from Port Lavaca which was our high for todayl

It was so beautiful that when I got back I sat outside and read while I had my lunch and Pyro came to visit. I had suggested to Gordon this morning that since the weather was so nice, he talk to Delmer about going out in the boat today. I decided to go too so after lunch Delmer took us around Powderhorn Lake for about 2 1/2 hours. It's amazing to me to be out on the lake in a boat on January 15th and not freeze to death.

Here are some photos from around Powderhorn Lake.

We were invited to Ellie and Jim's for dinner tonight so we walked over at 5:30 p.m. We had a lovely dinner of pork roast, baked potatoes, green beans, broccoli and cornbread with angel food cake, strawberries and cool whip for dessert. Gordon had his berries with cornbread. After dinner we chatted for a while then it was home to do my blog.

Mr. Bo Jangles and Jasmine

Ellie and Jasmine

It was a busy but very nice day!


  1. The desert is nice and everything, but it can't hold a candle to a good boat ride around the lake. Especially with as many birds as Texas has!
    Your going to have a great time down in Rockport, and I can't wait to hear about it.

  2. What a great time! You can see a lot more from a boat then just sitting on the edge of a lake. I'm glad you got to go. Send us some warm air, please!


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