Thursday, 4 December 2008

Road Trip to Victoria, TX

Boy, was it windy this morning and coming from the north so you know what that means! Canada is sick of all their cold weather so they're sharing it with us. That's not what I came to Texas for! The good news is that it's supposed to be back to warmer temperatures on Saturday. I braved the winds and cold in my Nanook of the North duds for my morning walk and exercise.

Today was the day we planned to go to Victoria, TX. I packed a lunch so we wouldn't have to eat out but we didn't get on the road till just before lunch. On arrival in Victoria we drove downtown and took some photos there then set Miss Pinky to go to the local HEB, a health food store that had gluten free stuff and Gordon also wanted a Sibley's Bird Guide so we went to a bookstore. The whole reason for going or most of it anyway was to go to GNC and I almost forgot to go. DUH! Sometimes I wonder about myself. Anyway, we had to retrace our steps as it was in the mall that we had just come from then on to Walmart to get water and finally, home!

Here's the courthouse in Victoria from 1892, a very interesting building

Here are some photos from downtown Victoria

On our way out of the area we saw this ship in Matagorda Bay and also this armadillo along the road. He was buried in the grass and when he heard us coming he scooted into the trees so this was the best photo I could get.

Also here's a photo of the interesting sky that I took on the way to Victoria

We only reached 59F (15C) today but it was nice and sunny. The wind died down a lot during the day.

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  1. Sandra, the picture you took of Fosatti's Deli is a family business of a friend of ours. Small world..
    Nice pics once again. Thanks for sharing.


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