Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Computer Back to Normal; Settled In

Today wasn't as warm as it's been the last couple of days but was bright and sunny all day. Not a shorts day but shirtsleeves.

This guy was pole sitting when I got back from my morning walk.

This morning I did some housework and then went in to Port Lavaca to pick up some groceries to make my dish for the Thanksgiving pot luck on Thursday. I looked around town a bit and found the Post Office so I could buy some stamps.

On my way to and from Port Lavaca I saw some Sandhill Cranes so when I got back, Gordon wanted to go and take some photos so we went back and I got this photo.

While I was gone Gordon worked on my computer and as of tonight it's finally back to normal. The culprit was corrupt Java cache files in my Library cache folder (whatever that is).

Today we made the decision to stay here for a month if they had room so we went to the office when I got back from Port Lavaca and they do have a 50 amp site available so we're here till December 28th. It doesn't have the view that we have now but it's not bad. I'm just glad we're settled for a while and have a new area to explore.


  1. Nice picture of the pelican.


  2. Great to have you back on chat.
    I know you are happy to have your computer going right again. They can be so pesky sometimes.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Anonymous10:31 pm

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