Thursday 31 July 2008

End of July Expenses and Our Thursday

July Expenses

Considering we had double insurance payments for both the truck and the RV this month as well as a final bill from our previous insurer, we did very well. The grocery category is too high especially since Gordon is not drinking wine while he's on the medication for Valley Fever so we haven't bought any of that since we've been in Canada. But I did clean out the freezer and start from scratch on buying meat. We also traveled further this month so our fuel bill is quite a bit higher than last month. All in all, not a bad total.

We had an early doctor's appointment for Gordon this morning so I was up early. She's changing his medication again. Then we went to the chiropractor for me. From there we stopped at Remic Rapids on the Ottawa River Parkway and took photos of the rock sculptures. They weren't up the last time we were there. There is a sign that says not to touch them as they are all balanced. Here are some photos.

A closeup of a few of them

Ducks swimming around the rocks

Two other stops on the way home, one to pick up some milk and to fill up the truck (1.32/litre).

I sat outside and had my lunch then noticed our neighbours, John and Jan were outside so I sat and chatted with them for most of the afternoon while Gordon had a nap. He came over and got me when he got up and it was nearly 4 p.m. by then.

Today was fairly nice. We had a lot of cloud and quite a bit of sun with a nice breeze and 27C (80F).


  1. Wow, those rocks are amazing! That would be fun to do. Good thing you don't have the severe weather we have around here, they'd be falling.

  2. Those rocks are something We don't have rocks here we have concrete


  3. Hi Sandra. Wondering whether you use gas or diesel fuel in the truck? $1.32/litre seems a bit high for gas and a bit low for diesel. Best price in Orleans for diesel is 134.7/litre, gas is around $1.22/litre. Heard today prices were trending downward....lets hope so!

    House is sold! Will be back in the RV soon.


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