Wednesday, 2 April 2008

End of Month Expenses and More Housework

Here are March's expenses:

I'm pretty sure that we'll get most or all of the Medical/Dental expenses back from our travel health insurance but I won't submit them till we're home in case there's more. Without the medical expenses our monthly total would have been $2397.65. I'm happy with the rest of the expenses for this month.

It was a bit cloudy this morning as I left for my walk but still 55F (13C). I took a different path this morning within Pima County Park. It's not very well traveled so you don't even realize it's a path. Unfortunately it dumps you off in an area of housing so I had to go through the desert a bit to get back to the RV park. The alternative was to walk back the way I had come. I can see why this trail isn't well traveled. As you get closer to the houses there is broken beer bottles and garbage all around in the desert. Looks like a weekend hangout for teenagers and beer!

Here's a bird's nest I found. I think it's probably a curved bill thrasher's nest.

After breakfast I got the laundry ready but delayed going to the laundry room for a bit as I thought it would be less crowded around lunch time. It also gave me time to have a shower before I went. It worked well, there was no one in the laundry room at all. I was just carrying my finished laundry to the truck when someone else arrived so I was happy. I spent most of the time talking to the owner's wife while I waited for laundry. She's such a nice, caring person.

When I returned, after putting laundry away it was back to reading.

Gordon is feeling quite well today so I hope that keeps up!

Later in the afternoon I went over to visit Jim and Ellie for a while as they will be taking their new motorhome in to the dealer tomorrow and we don't know yet if we're leaving on Friday. I got this photo of the doggies waiting for a treat.

When I got back to the RV, I asked Gordon if he wanted to go out for a drive and go to Taco Bell for dinner so away we went. We had dinner first so he could take his meds then drove up A Mountain (Sentinel Peak) where I took this photo of the gazebo on top of the mountain and a view of downtown Tucson as the sun was setting.

When we returned I got on the rv-dreams chatroom as usual!

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  1. Hi:

    We enjoyed meeting you last Sunday and like you I felt like I already knew you from following your blog.

    Glad to hear Gordon is feeling a bit better, hope it continues so he can make the drive home.

    We are in Carlsbad, NM and it is so windy that I think I could fly away if I got my feet off the ground!! Not real nice but we can't change the weather!

    We will continue to follow your blog to see how Gordon is doing.

    Carolyn & John


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