Monday, 31 March 2008

Hey! I'm Now A Published Photographer

A few weeks ago I received an email from Schmap Florida asking if one of the photos that I had posted on Flickr of Lakes Park in Florida could be used in their second edition Schmap Digital Travel Guide. There was no compensation for it but I would be given credit for it if my photo was chosen for the edition.

Today I got the email saying that my photo had been chosen for Lakes Park and the link to the online edition - Hence the title of this blog. This is the photo that they chose. I took the photo a year ago when we drove from the Texas Coastal Bend to Fort Myers to spend March visiting with my sister and her husband. Lakes Park is a beautiful spot right in Fort Myers. We spent quite a bit of time there.

I had my usual lovely desert walk this morning staying in Pima County Park. After breakfast I went in to Tucson to get groceries and pick up some other stuff. I was back just after lunch. After unpacking groceries I went to visit Ellie and Jim for a while and then I stopped to see Joy before coming back to spend the rest of the afternoon with my book. I took this photo of Joy's dog, Lucy when I was there this afternoon.

When I was sitting outside reading my book I was joined by this Gambel's Quail and these two doves.

Gordon is coming along slowly. He tires easily and is especially tired around dinner time. His appetite still isn't all that good but maybe it's just my cooking!

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