Wednesday 5 March 2008

Meeting Someone New and A Walk

Today I was up an hour earlier as we had an appointment in the city. Gordon's long time friend, Bill who we went to see when we were in Florida last year has a niece here in Tucson so he sent her an email and she got in touch with us and we made arrangements to meet at one of the Starbucks in town. Barbi is a lovely lady, bubbly and chatty which is good for us as we're both quiet. We spent an hour and a half chatting with her. A photo of Barbi and Gordon is below.

Pretty flowers in Tucson.

After we left Starbucks we went to Wild Oats to pick up a few things then on to Camping World to replace the motor on our bathroom fan. No luck. They didn't have the right motor, nor did Beaudry RV so we decided to buy a new kit to replace everything that's in the vent. We got that home and it won't fit either without modifications so Gordon has put it all back together and unless we find a Titanium dealer, I guess we'll have to wait till we get home. So now we have to return the vent kit.

I had chicken that I bought yesterday on sale at Safeway that had to be cooked so Gordon lighted the barbecue. With the wind it wouldn't stay lit though so I wound up cooking it in the oven. We tend to cook early in case there's a pretty sunset at dinnertime.

I was laying on the couch reading my book when Gordon asked me if I wanted to go for a walk in the desert. I only had a few pages left and I wanted to finish it so I declined but as soon as I finished it, I heard the desert calling me so off I went and went for another long walk in Tucson Mountain Park, this time in a different direction from yesterday morning. There are lots more desert flowers in Tucson Mountain Park than behind us in Pima County park. I only saw one other person out there other than my husband who I met up with on one of the trails.

Interesting clouds in the sky this afternoon.

There's a spider web over this little hole. I wonder who lives there?

Flowers in Tucson Mountain Park

When I got back to the RV, I sat down at my computer to write today's blog when up popped my friend and former co-worker, Najat on Yahoo Messenger. Sure was good chatting with her! I love Yahoo Messenger!

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