Monday, 3 March 2008

Getting Things Done and Not Getting Things Done

This morning we got ready and went into Camping World. Our bathroom fan has quit and one of the burners on my stove only works if you light it manually. When we got there we found out there are different fans and we didn't have the stove model number so we didn't buy anything. We had a few stops to make other than that, one of which was for Gordon to get a haircut which he badly needed!

We were home by noon. We both took a nap. I got the dishes cleaned up for the past couple of days and the laundry done.

Gordon couldn't get the top of the stove up to get the model number so I guess I have to live with the stove at least until we get back to our dealer in Ontario. Gordon got the fan out of the bathroom ceiling so now we have to go back to Camping World to get the new motor for it.

I didn't take any pictures today that are worth posting so here's one that I took a few days ago of a pretty bush of yellow flowers which I think is forsythia.

That's about it for my day!

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