Thursday 17 January 2008

Extraction and Beads

I was up before sunrise this morning so I could have breakfast and get ready to go to the dentist with Gordon. We were there about 10 minutes early as there had been construction on Ellsworth yesterday. They had been patching the road but this morning it was all done and the construction workers were gone. Good job!

Gordon got his tooth pulled, I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned on January 30th so we'll be here an extra week. Couldn't resist the price and my periodontist does want me to have my teeth cleaned while we're away in the winter. This is the first winter I'll have accomplished it though.

It was really cold when we left to go to the dentist. It was sunny but windy. I wore my fleece jacket and gloves!

It was warming up by the time we came home. I read for a while and had a nap as I never sleep well when I have to get up for a certain time. I'm always afraid I'll sleep in.

I asked Gordon if he'd be okay if I went out for a while so I stopped at Target and as usual found nothing that I wanted or needed. Can't remember the last time I bought something at Target. Then I stopped at Michaels. This Michaels had more beads than the one in Tucson so I wound up buying some (of course). I then drove around the city a bit to see if I could find the craft store that I found two years ago but didn't find it.

I took a photo while stopped at a stop light of this orange grove right in Mesa at the corner of Greenfield and McKellips.

I needed a few groceries so stopped at a different Bashas than usual and got a $20.00 roast of beef for $7.84. Bashas have really good sales but their regular prices are pretty expensive. You need a Bashas card to get the discounts but I just tell them I'm from Canada and they have a store card that they use. I can never understand why they have these store cards, they're free and if you don't have one, they swipe the store card. Why not just have the sale and forget the card?

Here's a few photos of the houses along McDowell Road on my way back to the RV park. There are some really beautiful ones and again, I love the architecture here!

When I drove into the park the moon was just coming up over Pass Mountain.

Another nap this afternoon when I returned, a uneventful sunset and on to the chat room!

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  1. Sandra,

    Anytime we encounter a new grocery store chain, we sign up for the discount card. I keep them all in the glove box of the truck so they are always available anywhere we go. We must have a stack of 20 or more, compactly bound with a rubber band.

    Since they are always free, as you mention, we don't see any reason not to get them. And you're always assured of the sale prices.



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