Monday 14 January 2008

Campbells Soup and Torilla Flat

On Friday I wrote to Campbells asking them why when 1 in 122 people have a gluten intolerance they still put wheat flour in mostly all of their soups. I received this reply this morning:

We received your message and appreciate your taking the time to contact Campbell Soup Company.
At Campbell, our number one priority is to delight our consumers. We try to develop products that are pleasing to most consumers. A significant amount of research and testing is conducted before any product improvement or change is introduced into the marketplace.

Thank you for sharing your comments. I have forwarded them to our
development teams so they too may benefit from your insight.

Thank you for visiting the Campbell Soup Company website.

I wonder if this means there is a possibility that changes will be made? Doesn't hurt to try!

This morning was bright and sunny again but quite windy. We decided today was the day we'd take the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat so we were on our way by around 10:00 a.m. Our first stop was for fuel. Then we stopped at the Superstition Museum.

Note the sign on the outhouse - Don't squat with your spurs on".

The hangin' tree

On our way north on the trail I snapped a lot of photos to show the scenery and the twisty, windy roadway although it is paved for about 5 miles or so beyond Tortilla Flat, then it becomes a sandy washboard road and eventually becomes one lane till you hit the Roosevelt Dam area. We weren't going that far but we did drive on the washboard road. Our tires are inflated for towing so that's why we feel every bump in the road. On the way up to Tortilla Flat I noticed that the speed signs were for 15 or 20 mph for almost the whole way.

Scenic views and winding roads.

Canyon Lake

Coming in to Tortilla Flat

This is Tortilla Flat

Continuing north on Apache Trail out of town we had to go through this wash. We've never seen water here before.

We turned around after a short distance and drove back to Tortilla Flat where we had lunch at the local restaurant, the Superstition Saloon. It was a very popular place today considering it was Monday but we managed to walk in and get a table right away. I had a shredded beef sandwich with fries and Gordon had a burger without the bun with fries. He had asked for an enchilada but this is the first place we've been where their enchiladas aren't made with corn tortillas. Lucky he asked! It was difficult for me to come up with something that didn't have tomatoes or cheese in it too!

Gordon at the restaurant.

Sandra at the restaurant

The waiters will put your card on the wall with a dollar bill. They are all over the walls throughout the store and restaurant.

The ones at our table. Some just put up the dollar bill.

Saddle butts

We looked around the town but I didn't find anything I liked better than my money so we moseyed on down toward Apache Junction stopping every few hundred yards so Gordon could take photos. This is a good thing because he's been selling a lot lately and has a few requests that he's waiting to hear from as well.

On the way back. My battery was running low so I didn't take many photos.

We arrived home just before 3:00 p.m. The wind had died down and it was pretty still so I sat in my recliner with my computer and listened to the woodpeckers squawking. They sure sounded angry with someone!

Sunset wasn't particularly pretty tonight and I had enough photos today!

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