Saturday, 1 September 2007


Here's the store and office for the campground

My nose ran all night and I got up this morning feeling worse than yesterday. Is it because I was walking in the wet grass yesterday morning or because I sat outside letting my hair dry? So, today I sat outside and read again but my hair was dry. The campground is full, busy, and noisy! All the sites are full and the riverfront is also full of tents as you can see below.

Betty called this morning and I told her we wouldn't be able to go to the corn roast tonight and probably not to the Fair that we had talked about for tomorrow. Sure hope this cold/flu goes away soon. I'm tired of this!

I did manage to take a walk around this afternoon but didn't go far and didn't stay out long. There were a lot of boats on the Scugog River this afternoon!

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