Sunday, 9 September 2007

Another Birthday Down!

When I got up this morning I had 7 e-cards from my sister in Ottawa wishing me a Happy Birthday. She said that she didn't get a confirmation so thought they hadn't been sent.

My sister here in Lindsay had planned a day out for the two of us for my birthday. My husband is still not feeling well and her husband was in Toronto so I went to meet her at the cottage and we left from there to go to the little tourist town of Bobcaygeon for a late breakfast. We went to the Full Cup Cafe which is a cute 50's little place with all the chrome tables and chairs with ripped and worn plastic seats and backs. I had strawberry pancakes and they were very good! The photo to the left is me after breakfast sitting outside the cafe.

After that we went to Settler's Village as they were having a quilt display there today. Our mother and grandmother were quilters so we knew a lot of the patterns shown. People are making up their own patterns these days however so there were a lot that we didn't know as well. It was a very well done display and in a lovely setting as well. Below is a photo of Betty with one of the quilts.

Here are the two sisters outside of Settler's Village.

After we finished looking at quilts we went back into Bobcaygeon and looked through the flea market type stores but didn't buy anything. Some nice stuff, lots of junk!

This is a photo of Betty & Garth's new pathway to the cottage that they just had put in. Looks really nice!

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