Friday, 30 March 2007

Last Day in Fort Myers with Betty and Garth

On our way to Betty and Garth's this afternoon we stopped at the Tanger Outlet Mall and I bought a few more things, one being a pair of white slacks. I haven't had white slacks since I quit working. These are very light and cool.

Betty and Garth are flying back to Toronto tomorrow so we went over today and I helped Betty clean out the kitchen bringing some things back with me and tossing others in the garbage. Then we chatted for a while and while we were chatting their resident osprey that sits outside in their pine tree came back with a fish (pictured to the right) which he proceeded to demolish while it was still alive. It was pretty gross to see the fish still moving. YUCK!

When we got back to the RV I did a load of laundry and got some things together as we're heading north to the Bradenton area tomorrow to visit with Gordon's former boss and will be staying overnight there. Hopefully I'll still be able to post my blog but if not, I'll upload when we get back on Sunday.

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