Thursday, 29 March 2007

I Had A Restful Day

I guess I've been on the go too much lately. I was really tired today so I took a day off and just lay around reading and resting. Gordon went to Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park this afternoon and saw an armadillo! If I hadn't been so tired, I'd be upset!

Nothing to report for today. Michelle (Gordon's daughter) has been sending some photos over the past couple of days so all photos are contributed by Michelle.

Gordon's daughter, Michelle and husband, Eric

Gordon's daughter, Michelle and Gordon's sister, Carol

Our grandaughter, Lillian with her father, Gordon's son Ian

Our grandson Caden (son of Ian & Tracy)

Our grandaughter, Grace (first daughter of Michelle & Eric)

Our grandaughter, Faith (second daughter of Michelle & Eric)

Carol and our grandson, Luke (son of Michelle & Eric)

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  1. What a fine family you and Gordon have there! I hope you're enjoying your travels south. It's starting to warm up ever slowly, after a big tease last week when Windsor had a humidex of 30C!!!! but I would stay put for a bit still. ;)



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