Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

YUK! Back to 40F (4C) weather and cloudy although there were a few sunny breaks here and there.

After breakfast, I made a trip to Walmart and got a roast of beef to cook in the crockpot for our Valentine’s Day dinner. There was a Valentine’s Day dinner dance here at the campground for tonight but I didn’t sign us up as we have to be up very early tomorrow to pack up and go to Camping Clinic for them to install our new microwave. Since we don’t have a fan above the stove right now, Gordon seared the roast on the barbecue – it worked really well! I expect this won’t be news to our brother-in-law, John who bakes on the barbecue.

We got some outside things done today in preparation for going to Camping Clinic tomorrow – tanks dumped, awning up etc. After that we went for a drive to Bayside taking the route where we usually see the sandhill cranes and again we saw quite a few but they were quite far away. Gordon got some of them flying, I think. There weren’t any birds at Bayside as it was so cold. We did see some on the way there and back but they were quite far away. When we got back to Rockport we walked along Water Street which runs along the Bay. We hadn’t walked there before. It was cold! Our high today was 50F (10C) but with the wind it felt colder. I walked a bit around the park when we got back to the RV. About all I saw were some black bellied whistling ducks.

Oh, and my camera is okay. It just needed to be charged!

This is an osprey that we saw on our way to Bayside today

A fishing pier along Water Street

We saw this mailbox on our walk along Water Street this afternoon

An egret and a fishing pier along Water Street

This display is outside an RV from people from Orillia, Ontario here in our park

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