Wednesday 10 January 2007

The Silence is Deafening

I slept a bit later again this morning. I had put the electric blanket back on the bed a couple of nights ago and it was just so warm and cozy that I didn’t want to get up even though I was awake. When I did get up, I realized it wasn’t as cold as I thought – 55F (13C) and partly sunny. I set out for my walk. It’s always interesting coming to a new place and walking around. There are two parts to this campground – the waterfront and the oaks. So I walked toward the oaks and on the way saw a great blue heron sitting in the top of a tree. It was pretty walking in the live oaks area. They are an interesting tree. Their branches are often as big as the original tree trunk and due to their weight often grow along the ground. On my way back, I saw two mule deer standing quite a distance off the road but as a truck went by they scampered away. There were quite a few egrets and some other birds that looked heron related but were too far away and my binoculars were in the truck. When I walk I have my phone, my camera and my radio so I don’t really want to add binoculars to the list but here I might make an exception!

I sat outside and read for about four hours today. The sun was warm but the breeze was cool so I had my afghan with me and that made it cozy. I even ate my lunch out there. I went for another walk this afternoon and found that they have a book exchange at the rec hall. Its only open a couple of days a week but I’ll have to check it out as I just finished another book.

There were guys cleaning their fish at the boat dock and a whole flock of pelicans were waiting for handouts. They really are moochers! Photo below.

This is the view from my lawnchair

This is the waterfront part of the campground

This is the live oak trees part of the campground

These are the mule deer that I saw on my morning walk

This tree reminded me of the divi divi trees that you see in Aruba

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. We got a new neighbour this afternoon and now their hind end faces our living room window but that’s the way it goes!

It really is quiet here at night, quite different from being in town.


  1. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hi Sandra, I'm still following your blog, thought I'd comment again. The photo of the view from your lawnchair took my breath away - I would LOVE to sit there for hours and read! I envy you - keep well!
    Patricia (near Ottawa)

  2. Hi folks !
    I continue enjoying your updates and am finding you two more relaxed this winter than ever before . . .I guess it takes practice to get in the groove of retirement. Envy !!!


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