Thursday 11 May 2006

Another Appointment

Keeley Falls
Andrew Hayden Park
Ottawa, ON

I had a chiropractor’s appointment this morning just before noon so we got around and ready. First stopped at Best Buy for a network card so we can get the PC up and running. Then to the chiropractor and to get Gordon’s CPP forms ready to be mailed. Our chiropractor signed the forms required. So hopefully in October Gordon will be getting CPP.

After the chiropractor we ran some errands, Gordon got his hair cut, we stopped at Andrew Hayden Park and took some photos and we filled up with diesel at 96.8 at Suny’s at Bells Corners. Seems to be the best price going.

Andrew Hayden Park is a very pretty park that runs along the Ottawa River in what used to be Nepean but since amalgamation, is now Ottawa. It is just off Carling Avenue at Holly Acres Road. It has some wildlife including a groundhog that runs up to you looking for handouts, rabbits and all kinds of birds. It even has a little waterfall called Keeley Falls. We didn’t stay long but Gordon needed his photo of the day for pbase so I took a few photos too to have something to post with my blog.

Since the forecast is for rain for the foreseeable future, I sat outside in my lawnchair and read till I finished my book, then came in to check emails and do some surfing. I found a scrabble game that I could download on a ‘try it’ basis. I thought I had tried them all and all I was getting was that my trial period was over. I really need to buy it.

With the cloud and rain coming over the weekend, hopefully we will have internet service. Our connection isn’t all that stable here because of the trees so if there’s no blog this weekend, it’s because of the internet connection.


  1. Did Gordon really try to get the face on the canoe in Dows Lake Canoes? Liked it!

  2. Sandra, The lower tier Prov adjoining the US have been slept in in our prior life (b4 fulltiming)with the maritimes on our list when visiting the NE US. We have many memorable memories of your wonderful country. Might be back this summer to the Canadian Rockies as close in Great Falls,
    MT. Enjoy your blog and Gordon's pictures Opps yours too ;)


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