Saturday, 11 November 2006

Happy Birthday John!

This is the pool at our campground

You can see our truck and RV in the distance

This is our site at Oak Forest RV Park

Happy Birthday to our brother-in-law John!

We also take this opportunity to remember those who fought in previous wars and are fighting in wars now to keep us safe on this Remembrance Day.

We slept with the windows open last night. The temperature dropped a lot during the night so it was only 48F (9C) when I got up this morning. This RV park is all paved streets so it was nice to walk this morning for a change. There is a grove of live oak trees that is part of the park and that’s where the dog walk is. They also have a fenced area for dogs which is always good for dogs to be able to run around off leash. Bib would have liked it.

This morning we went to the local SuperWalMart and got some groceries. On our way there and back we looked around the area a bit just familiarizing ourselves with the area. I meant to buy a map of the city while I was there but since it wasn’t on my list, I forgot. Gordon went to the office this afternoon and signed us up at this park until Friday. They have someone coming in Friday so we’ll have to move on then.

This afternoon we drove around Austin some more. We drove up Mount Bonnell, the highest point in the city to see the skyline of Austin and around the Colorado River as it runs through the city. We also drove around the downtown area and to the Capital building then tried to find Town Lake. We saw it between buildings but didn’t find out where we could actually get close to it until we found the Tourist Bureau where we also got some maps. Austin is quite a pretty city and very clean for a large American city.

Just before sunset, Gordon went out to take some photographs. He went down to Town Lake and got some photos of the Austin skyline at night with the buildings reflected in the water. To see his photos, click here

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