Wednesday 8 November 2006

Finally ! Leg 4 of our Southern Trek!

It was foggy when I got up this morning so we didn’t rush to get underway. Thank goodness I was feeling better. We were both ready to get on the road! We left Shell Lake Campground at 9:40 a.m. and headed west under sunny skies. By the time we had packed up it was warm enough to ditch the coats at 52F (11C). It was sunny and got continuously warmer as we made our way west hitting a high of 86F (30C) after we crossed the border into Texas.

Our site at Mount Pleasant KOA

We stopped at the Welcome Center where Gordon took my photo (shown above), picked up some pamphlets and continued on to Mount Pleasant, Texas where we are spending the night at the Mount Pleasant KOA. It’s a nice campground with free cable TV and free wifi (which doesn’t seem to work). Since the wifi doesn’t work, Gordon set up the internet satellite.

The drive was uneventful, lots of truck traffic in this area. Most of Arkansas is flat, agricultural land with some forest area and some hills south of Little Rock.

We’re happy to be back where it’s warm. We went out to get groceries after we set up and no coat needed, only short sleeves. While we were out, we treated ourselves to dinner at Wendy’s. I really like their salads so I had the BLT salad and Gordon had his burger (sans bun) and chili. Now we’re back to watch some cable TV!

Onward for Leg 5 of the journey tomorrow.

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