Friday, 1 September 2006

Expenses for August

It was cool, sunny and beautiful this morning, a beautiful day for my walk. An older lady with her dog that I see on my walk almost every morning said that I should have a dog to walk with me. I managed to tell her about why I wasn’t walking with a dog without breaking down. Everyone I talk to like this including my on-line friend, Peggi say we should get another one but we’ve decided not to while we’re traveling.

This morning I went into Lindsay to pick up some groceries so I could make my Calico Beans for the corn roast tomorrow night at neighbours of Betty & Garth’s. It doesn’t sound like the weather is going to be very nice. Rain is predicted for the next few days from Hurricane Ernesto so I guess there is a possibility that the corn roast won’t happen.

This afternoon I decided to take advantage of the nice day and the sunshine and sat outside till about 4:30 p.m. Then I came in and made the Calico Beans and put them in the crockpot to cook overnight.

Since yesterday was the end of the month, below are our expenses.

Campground Fees - $594.28

Groceries - $347.16

Laundry - $32.75

Wine/Spirits - $48.45

Entertainment - $9.91

Snacks - $7.50

Eating Out - $117.20

Fuel for Truck - $250.25

Propane - $0.00

Dog Food/Vet etc - $310.66

Repairs/Service/RV/Truck - $94.47

Misc - $414.89

Insurance - $151.04

Internet/TV - $207.96

Cell Phones - $110.00

Medical/Dental - $59.62

Gifts - $50.00

Total for August - $2,806.14

Great month for expenses! This is mainly due to eating a lot of meals at Betty & Garth’s. The vet bills of course were more this month than before. We were charged for two months for our satellite internet as we weren’t charged last month. We’re also now on a two month contract so it’s $10.00 plus taxes cheaper per month. Eating out increased this month as Betty and I have been having lunch out when we go on our shopping sprees. Our Misc. items included purchasing the receiver for our StarChoice TV and I also bought ink for the printer.

September definitely won’t be within budget as I will be purchasing our travel insurance for this winter and we won’t be getting monthly rates as we’ll be staying a week or two in Ottawa and then probably moving elsewhere yet to be determined. There has also been talk of needing new tires for the truck which will also be a big expense. We’ll have to decide if they will last through the winter as I don’t want to have to buy them in the US and pay taxes and duty on them.

No photos today, just relaxing!


  1. HI Sandra,

    What a pretty picture on your Thursday post! I've also heard the weather won't be too nice for this weekend. We're luck to have been off Thursday and Friday too for a rest. I wll admit, though, our lawn and our little baby cedar trees can use the rain!

    Have you decided any destinations for this winter yet?

  2. Hi Mary Beth, we're pretty sure we'll be in Florida for at least some of the time but it's not cast in stone.



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