Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Getting Things Organized

April 2006 Expenses

Campground Fees - $617.85
Groceries - $373.90
Laundry - $25.00
Wine/Spirits-covered under groceries
Entertainment - $10.00
Fuel-Truck - $721.89
Propane - $25.72
Dog Food/Vet etc. - $0.00
Repairs RV/Truck - $59.73 (truck service)
Misc - $238.14
Insurance - $140.58 (U.S. $ but paid in CDN)
Internet - $99.85 (US $ but paid in CDN)
Phone - $97.55
Med/Dental - $15.78 (prescription obtained in US may be covered under insurance)
Gifts - $0.00

Totals $2601.95

Pretty good considering we were traveling for most of the month.

When we got home last night I stayed up until the wee hours sorting through the tons of mail that we had received. We only had one mail shipment to British Columbia and that was in October so there was LOTS of it! Thanks to Margie and John for keeping it for us.

In the stacks of mail were Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and cards of all kinds. We left Ontario on my birthday last year and Gordon’s is the week after mine. Also in the mail was a questionnaire and authorizations from the insurance company that looks after our medical insurance while outside the country. I have to complete this questionnaire and fill in all the authorizations and sign them before they will pay my claim to the Cincinnati hospitals. I started filling that out but since I dropped off all the medical information that the hospital had given me to my doctor yesterday, I’ll have to think a lot about some of the questions but must do it quickly as who knows how long it will take to process. I don’t want the hospital to send the bills out on collection!

So out we went to get photocopies of everything made and get the forms mailed. On our way back we stopped and picked up some groceries. It was only when I got back that I realized that I hadn’t sent the photocopy of my OHIP card and driver’s license requested so back out to the post office. We went to the same post office hoping that the letters will arrive together. Sometimes my brain just doesn’t work!

When we got back I sorted through the receipts from the U.S. and took out the ones I wanted to save and put the rest in a bag to be shredded. Sure wish I had kept our shredder! Maybe a bonfire would work better! I still have to go through our Ontario receipts from last year but I have to be sure I keep enough to prove that we’ve lived in Ontario for five months out of the year. Then I started reading some of the RV magazines that we’ve gotten since we’ve been on the road. There are about 15 of them. Don’t people realize that a lot of RVers are full time. They should put the magazines on the internet!

My reflux disease has been acting up today so haven’t felt all that well today, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I took the photo today in the park. These geese were coming right for me!


  1. Sandra, I am sorry you have been under the weather and I am glad you are home, at last. Good luck with your mail, been there done that!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    welcome home!


  3. Geese are cute but EVIL! Glad you both are home safe. The $ amount is really good for a month. We just planned our first family vacation for a week and we're trying really hard to keep it under $3,000. We even opted to drive instead of flying. Maybe we should look into an RV...


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