Wednesday, 19 April 2006

We Visit the Grandchildren Again!

Faith riding her new bike with Grandpa and Big Larry in the background

Faith in the lawn chair on their front porch

Grace posed for this one

Michelle (and Luke), Grace and Faith sitting on their front steps

Faith, Grammy and the Prayer Bunny (photo by Grandpa)

Grammy and Faith make smoochie faces (photo by Grandpa)

Today started out cloudy but got sunnier and 80F as the afternoon progressed.

This morning was very laid back and then around 2:00 p.m. we went over to see the family again. This time we took Bib with us but as always when around kids, he stays in the truck. He doesn’t mind, he loves the truck! We took a roundabout way of getting to our destination and stayed off the interstate completely. It’s interesting to find different ways of getting to a place that we go to all the time.

Faith got a new bicycle today, an early birthday present from her parents and she’s already riding it quite well albeit with training wheels, she will only be 3 on her birthday. She enjoyed showing her Grandpa and Grammy how she can ride.

I need to get more photos of Grace!

We only stayed a couple of hours. The girls tired Grandpa out, then we stopped on the way home at Dollar Tree to get some stuff, then came back on the Interstate and went past our usual exit to see where the next closest one is to the campground but had to go a fair drive west of here and then come back.

Tomorrow we’re planning a trip into Dayton. Gordon’s friend, Mel and his wife, Janice are camping at Fort Loramie State Park north of Dayton and then we’re going to stop and see Tracy and the kids later in the day. Ian will probably still be at work. So, my posting tomorrow may be late!

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