Wednesday 22 March 2006

White Sands National Monument

Yucca in the sand dunes

Walking on the dunes in bare feet

Sand dunes with mountains in the background

Today dawned bright and sunny again. It was in the high 40sF at about 7:30 a.m. We decided that since it was nice morning and was supposed to cloud over later in the day that we would go to White Sands National Monument this morning. We walked a short ways on one of the trails and I got to take my shoes off and walk in the sand. The sand is so white but it’s a different consistency than the sand in Mexico Beach, Florida. It’s so silky there.

Walking on the dunes is interesting. You’d think you’d sink in sand up to your knees but it’s actually hard packed sand. I guess all the loose sand blows off because the winds are pretty strong down here most of the time.

We left White Sands around noon and came back and drove through Alamogordo just to get the lay of the land and see what’s here. That didn’t take long, then we stopped and had lunch at Taco Bell which means I don’t have to cook dinner tonight. If we go out like that during the day, we just have a sandwich or wrap at night.

However when I got back I did make a pot of our favorite stew so that will sit an extra day to make the flavor better!

Contrary to the forecast it didn’t get cloudy so this afternoon I called my younger sister to see how things are with them and sat outside at the picnic table near the playground in the sun. It was about 66F then. There’s a breeze blowing making the new leaves on the trees look like they’re dancing. There’s a big cottonwood tree in the park where I was sitting so I watched it while I was talking to Margie.

Gordon went back to White Sands National Monument for sunset. I decided to stay home and have a shower and veg.

Since we had lunch out, I didn’t have to make dinner. YEAH! Then just TV and writing my blog!

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