Wednesday, 25 January 2006

An Uneventful Wednesday

A slow start this morning. Gordon went out before sunrise and got the truck filled with diesel before the rush in Quartzsite. There are no gas stations in Brenda. Then he went south on SR95 to see if there were any photos to take. Most of the scenery there is the same as on the BLM land that is right next to us.

I decided that I needed to try out our new beater brush before the RV Show ends in case there is a problem with it. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. It seemed to do a pretty good job on the rug, not as good as the vacuum cleaner I had when I had the stick house but it’s better than the brush we had for the rug.

After that we went for a walk on the BLM land and I took some photos of the 18 hole desert golf course. Pictured here is the first hole. There is no putting green as there is no green so you chip up onto the area around the flag. Must be difficult playing with all the scrub around. I think you’d be forever looking for balls but every morning the guys are out there early playing. We also saw some guys with model airplanes but they weren’t flying when we were out there. I also walked over to the rec hall area where the lady was selling oranges and grapefruit on Saturday. She was to be here again today and indeed she was so I bought four more oranges and she threw in an extra orange for $1.00. She says she'll be back on Saturday so I'll probably buy some more oranges and possibly some grapefruit before we head out to wherever our next location might be.

After lunch I tried sitting outside but there was a bit of cloud cover so it wasn’t all that warm even with a sweater on so I came in and started to read and fell asleep on the couch. Bib woke me up at 4:00 p.m. for his dinner.

After more interneting, I’m trying to get caught up with fulltimers Howard & Linda’s website: I’m starting January 2006 so I’m almost caught up. This will be a daily site visit for me along with Susan & Rick who are from Ontario : Susan & Rick were the ones that invited us to stay at Catalina Spa at Desert Hot Springs in December for the 5 days for $25.00.

Bib and I went for another walk this afternoon to the east end of the park. I had never been there before and found the Laundry Room #3 has lots of washers & dryers. I may do another laundry before we leave here on Saturday.

At home in Ontario and most other places other than in the desert when you cross a bridge on a highway, you usually see a river or lake. In the desert when you cross a bridge, you see a wash. It’s a gravel ditch which takes the flash flood waters away when they have heavy rains. There are all kinds of them and you see them often when traveling on the roadways. They do have some irrigation canals but other than that you don’t see much in the way of water. Also pictured is the wash behind Laundry Room #3 which goes under Hwy 60 which is the highway where the campground is located.

The exception around here to this is the Colorado River which divides California from Arizona. It is a well used river for irrigation and hydroelectric purposes.

Also pictured are my duck boots. Note how dusty they are. Walking in the BLM and even on the crushed gravel streets of the campground is very dusty! Just wanted to mention the names of the streets here. We are on Los Coyote. Other street names are Which Way and Easy Street among others. Cute names!

Tonight again is TV and internet, our usual fare!

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  1. That golf course is so interesting! I've never seen on in the desert like that before.

    A street called 'Which Way'? LOL! That could be the base joke for a vaudville comedy routine!


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