Thursday 5 January 2006

Today's Travels

Today we headed out for a drive going east on Route 111 through Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert and then headed up into the mountains. We didn't go too far as it's one of those mountain roads that although there's a guardrail, you're still very aware of how high up you are. After taking some photos of the cities below and the Salton Sea on the other side of the mountains, we headed south on Route 86 as far as Salton City and took some photos of the Salton Sea. Pictured is Gordon standing in front of the Salton Sea.

After our little trip we came back on I-10 to our RV and I sat outside in my lawn chair for a while and read, then had a nap and took Bib for a walk to the doggie park.

Oh, the life of a retired person......

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