Tuesday, 3 January 2006

My Last trip to Joshua Tree National Park

Tuesday January 3rd dawned bright and sunny with very little wind, thank goodness. The power did go off once this morning but came right back on again. Amazing it didn’t go off in the windstorm yesterday but I’m sure glad it didn’t.

Last week when in Palm Springs I decided to splurge on some new sheets. The ones I bought last year were really nubby and uncomfortable so I decided to go for a higher thread count. I bought a 350 count and can you ever see a difference, these are much softer and more comfortable and much more generous in size. In the words of Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing!

Today we headed back into Joshua Tree National Park to see if we could find Arch Rock. When we were there last week we couldn’t find it but we persevered and today found it, photographed it and is now recorded for posterity. We also went to the Ocotillo (pronounced oh-koh-TEE-yoh) Patch but there weren’t many ocotillo and they have lost all their leaves and flowers - it is winter here after all. We also stopped at the Cholla (pronounced cho-ya) Cactus Gardens. We had been there last week and taken some photos.

After lunch, I went and got a few groceries in preparation for returning to Desert Hot Springs tomorrow. We’re returning to the membership park that we were at a week ago, this time as a guest of a couple we met at the Christmas potluck.

Gordon has gone to wash and vacuum the truck. After yesterday’s windstorm, it sure needed it!

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