Monday, 16 January 2006

Just Hangin' Around

We're leaving on Wednesday for Quartzsite, AZ. The town of Quartzsite has about 3500 people normally but the last two weeks in January every year they the largest swap meet in the world located in the desert as well as RV shows and gem shows. It's pure coincidence that we are going there at the busiest time of the year and we may not be there long as we've been told the traffic is very heavy. It is rumoured that the number of winter visitors & tourists swell to a MILLION & more. We haven't booked an RV park however Armand Lalonde, the person that we bought our internet satellite from this summer had planned to come from Lindsay, Ontario to sell the Anywhere Internet system at the RV show but since he is busy installing satellite on the buses for the Canadian Federal election he doesn't think he'll make it. He has a site booked and paid for at Quartzsite and emailed me to say that if he doesn't come, we can have his spot. I still have to get details from him about where it is and how long it's for but if he does attend and we can't get a spot in an RV park, we'll have to dry camp in the desert. There is no end to places in the area for dry camping and this is what most people do, just for the experience. Some places are free for the first two weeks, others you have to pay a nominal fee. It's on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) and there is a lot of it available in the desert.

So, I've been told that although they have grocery stores in Quartzsite, selection may be limited so since I need lactose free milk and Gordon has a special diet, I headed out to SuperWalMart this morning to stock up. Big Mistake!!! I have never seen a WalMart so crowded except maybe at Christmas. When I went to check out, it was noon and I was starting to get the shakes from hypoglycermia
. The lineups at the cashes were long so I decided to get something to eat at McDonald's before checking out. Good thing I did. I was in line for about 45 minutes before getting checked through! I had been warned the day we checked in that both WalMarts were very busy but I didn't realize it would be that busy. Apparently plans are in the works for a third WalMart to be built very close to where this RV park is located.

On my return from shopping, I again sat outside in my lawn chair and read. Beautiful bright sunshine with a breeze......reflected in my photo for today.

Late this afternoon Gordon headed east from here to see if he could find something to photograph. He came back with some photos that he seemed to be happy with but he's still not enamored with the area for photography. Weather sure is good though!

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