Tuesday 5 June 2012

A Tai Chi Celebration and Flooring?

Yesterday, Monday June 4th was a chilly day for this time of year with some sprinkles and lots of cloud. However this week is the celebration of Kingston's 35th anniversary of Taoist Tai Chi and Smiths Falls is part of the Kingston branch. Yesterday was the day that Kingston and the surrounding towns piled into a bus, headed to Smiths Falls complete with the Taoist Tai Chi dragon and conducted their celebration here hosted by our group. First on the agenda was for the dragon to walk a few blocks from the Seniors Centre where the tai chi group meets to Kinsmen Park in downtown Smiths Falls beside the Town Hall.

I have to say that Gordon and I were not part of the group. We have not attended since I got this pinched nerve in my neck (degenerative disc disease confirmed by CT scan) so we just attended to take photos. Because I had been on my feet so much in the last two days we only stayed for one demo of the 108 Taoist Tai Chi moves and then continued on our way.

Here comes the dragon!

Along Beckwith Street (main street downtown)

The head of the dragon - it's quite impressive

 Some of the tai chi moves

They were having a luncheon at the Seniors Centre as well but it was Chinese food and neither of us can eat it.

From there we headed to our local Rona (a very much smaller version of Home Depot) where we had received a quote to replace our dining room, kitchen and bathroom floors. We got everything set up and the installer dropped by last night and they're starting this morning! So last night was spent getting the kitchen cleared out as that's where they're starting - fridge, stove and dishwasher has to be removed. So we're living amidst all this for the next four days but it's going to look so good!

Stay tuned for photos!


  1. wow new flooring this morning...when you decide you sure move fast :)...it will be worth the mess for the next few days....great looking celebration!! can't wait to see pics of the floors...

  2. I have nice memories of my Taoist Tai Chi days about 10 years ago. Kelly & I even made it to their big downtown Toronto Chinese New Years food bash one year & another time I boarded a bus with other members from the Stratford area & we went to the main center in Orangeville for a day of Tai Chi. Saw where Master Moy is interred in the shrine wall. Once was able to comfortably do all 108 moves but would now have trouble remembering how to do even the first couple......

  3. I can't wait to see the floor when it's done.

    That's a lot of people at the Tai Chi celebration. I'm so sorry you can't do it anymore. I know you loved doing the moves.

  4. Hang in there it'll be worth it...

  5. Oh my! I know all about moving around furniture and things to let the flooring guys come in and get their work done. We did it for four rooms a few months ago, and it was CCRRAAAZZZZYYYYYYYYYY but well worth it!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Great pictures, as usual, Thanks for sharing your great town with us.
    You are really doing a lot to your lovely house.
    I wish your neck would get better. Happy Trails, Penny, TX. www.pennys-tuppence.blogspot.com


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