Sunday, 27 November 2011

Smiths Falls Santa Claus Parade

It was a warm, grey day for our Santa Claus parade but I think everyone in town was there. The main street was lined up forever. We stood on the corner of Elmsley and Beckwith Streets and had a good view of the parade coming toward us and turning the corner. The Macy's parade it's not but for a small town it was well done.

The Gordon Pipe Band playing Jingle Bells as they passed us. Nothing like Jingle Bells on bagpipes!

Our mayor, Dennis Staples

Chimo Cheerleaders (elementary school)

And finally, the jolly old elf himself!

Someone's little dog was doing tricks on command.


  1. Hi Sandra, that was really some parade that they put on. Bagpipes, vintage cars, horses and dogs, too.

    I expect the mayor and his driver were sorry that they weren't wearing hats, it looked cold.

    Lovely photos of a lovely area, very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Happy Trails, Penny.

  2. That's quite a parade for that area. I love it all! (especially Hortons). lol That brings back memories of our little town of O'Fallon. Thanks for posting.


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