Friday, 17 June 2011

We Have Visitors!

I'm afraid I've been very lazy lately. I've been posting my photos on Facebook as it seems so much easier!

However yesterday is noteworthy. Dee and Jim, fulltime RVers from the Raleigh, NC area arrived here in Smiths Falls complete with their fifth wheel. Being they are the first fulltimers to visit us since our move to a stix and brix, it is extremely noteworthy. Dee and I know each other, first of all, through the RV-Dreams site and chatroom in 2008. When we were on the road Dee and Jim were only dreaming of it and now it has come to fruition.

I guesstimated when they might arrive at Victoria Park Campground and we decided to head over there. They were set up except for their TV satellite so we chatted for a bit then we took them to McDonald's as they hadn't had lunch. From there to our place to drop off their car and we headed out for a tour of the area. It was so exciting to meet them after all this time.

Jim setting up the TV satellite

Sitting on the picnic table in the shade behind the RV

We checked out the locks. The only photo I took at the locks was of this big turtle in the lock. The lockmaster said that he'd been there all day. Guess he likes playing chicken with the boats in the lock.

We drove around town a bit, showed them how to get to our place and back to the RV park. Then drove out of town to show them Gordon's favourite sunrise photography spots. As we were about to turn onto Kilmarnock Road the Via Rail passenger train came through headed for Ottawa.

On to our favourite sunset spot and then back to our place to chat and have dinner.

It was a beautiful bright sunny day with a light breeze and sitting behind their RV which backs onto the canal was beautiful!

Oh and here's sunset from Wednesday night. It was really strange with a red halo around the sun.

On to more adventures today although we are having a few rain showers!


  1. It's so great being with you guys. We're looking forward to the next couple weeks.

  2. Good to see they made it safely. Enjoy your time together.

    Stay Safe

  3. So great to hear from you, Sandra, and have an enjoyable time with Jim and Dee. What a beautiful time to show them the Ottawa area.


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