Friday 11 March 2011

This Morning's Conversation and Result

Gordon: When it clears today I want to go for a drive.

Sandra: Where do you want to go?

Gordon: I don't know, I thought we might just follow the Tay River.

Sandra: O-Tay! (Humour)

The sun came out here around noon so we headed west. Unfortunately the sun didn't follow us but we did follow the Tay River. We followed it backwards from where it empties into the Lower Rideau Lake to it's inception at Bob's Lake near Bolingbroke. So, we traveled a lot of back roads today and the car looks like it's been mud wrestling!

The Tay River emptied into Lower Rideau River

This is at Bowes' Mill - the old mill is on the left
This is another old building at Bowes' Mill - has a gas pump in front of it but building is vacant
The Tay
Probably a Bohemian Waxwing-there were a lot of them around
The Tay
The Tay
The Tay
Common Mergansers & 2 geese in the distance
Merganser closeup
And they're off!
This was a lovely well-kept old barn-there were more outbuildings painted the same
A Canada goose along the Tay
Aliens or snowmobiles?
We really were on back roads today
The Tay River begins at Bob's Lake at Bolingbroke

Here's a little map of our drive today. We did backtrack quite a bit so it's not exactly where we went, but it's close.

We found a lot of very scenic back roads today. We returned home via Sharbot Lake where we'd been a couple of weeks ago. I didn't realize the town was as large as it is and very scenic being on......Sharbot Lake.


  1. Very pretty pictures!!

  2. Lovely area, and pictures. Thanks.
    Seems so strange to see you taking pictures with snow, and we are running our air conditioners!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. It looks like spring can't be far behind.

  4. Great pictures! It just looks too cold. Spring is on the way. Hope there's no white stuff when we get there.

  5. Gorgeous "Currier & Ives" photos!
    I love the Merganser walking on water!
    So much snow still on the ground!
    Hugs to keep you warm,

    PS You're right, I did end up spending that much, she had great deals! LOL


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