Friday, 11 February 2011

Trip to Ottawa and Then Some!

We had to go to Ottawa today to get Gordon's passport photos done. He has an appointment  at the Embassy in Ottawa early next week to get his passport renewed. That was looked after first, then we did some errands, picked up some supplies we can't get here in town and then off to Mud Lake.

We saw this large flock of turkeys on our way to Ottawa

Disappearing fence

Doesn't he look like a decoy?

Ducks in the snow

Path along Mud Lake
 We took the scenic route home.

Old church in Oxford Mills


  1. It doesn't look quite so cold in today's pictures. Hope your weather moderates a bit, although my son in NY says they are getting another cold snap.

  2. The ducks don't look real at all. Great pictures, and it doesn't look real cold. Thanks for the picts, they're fabulous.

  3. Still looks cold to me, but as long as there is snow on the ground, it must be.

    I wonder if any of those turkeys will come up missing later in the year?

    The ducks do look like decoys, are you sure you didn't place them there?

    Lovely photos, as usual, thanks for sharing.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Sandra and Gordon, did you ever get your green card, passport problem worked out. If so how did it all come out?

  5. Those ducks sitting in that snow...something is just not right about that! LOL!


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