Monday, 13 December 2010

The End

I've pretty much decided not to do any more blogging but I will use the site for photos. I hate to give it up after so long but it's gotten boring even to me so if you want to know about what's going on, you'll have to go to Facebook or come to Ontario to see us, of course, you can always email!


  1. Aw, and I just found you!

    Best of luck with the next.


  2. Maybe once in a while, when cool stuff goes on? We'll miss you! And yes we are on face book.

  3. I will miss your post Sandra. You were never boring to me. I followed you from Arizona, to Poache's Fishcamp and back to Canada.

    I will look forward to your pictures and periodic (hopefully) posting.

  4. Darn, I'm not on Facebook and I will miss your posts (and photos). Please reconsider.

  5. Always sad to see someone go but I fully understand your decision. At some point our RVing days will be over as well & I know from sitting at home all summer how hard it is to keep coming up with something to blog about. I have come very close to just packing the whole thing in as well. Writing a daily blog is not easy so maybe if you just cut it back to whatever your comfortable with it at least would keep your hand in. We have you on our sidebar so whenever you blog it will pop up on our list. Take care guys & we'll keep an eye out for you....AL:))

  6. Oh, Sandra, I look at your journal every day, but hardly ever remember to look in Facebook as there is so much stuff to wade through to get to the nitty gritty.

    It is interesting to hear about your walks, your weather, and the things you are doing to improve your home.

    But if you will still post some of your lovely pictures, that is alright, if that is all you want to do.

    I hope this means that you will be in the RV-Dreams chat room more often?

    Happy Walks and Trails, Penny, TX

  7. I too hope you will post once in awhile. It is hard to post all the time I know but don't give it up completely.

  8. I'm glad to see an option is to come see you, yep, that's what we'll do. See you in June, if all goes as "planned". I know it's hard to post daily, I've done it a long time too.

  9. I for one will miss your blog so when something that piques your interest pops up or something that you think others might be interested in please post, like Al we have you on our sidebar and you will leap back to life when you chose to make it happen. Thanks for the tip on Poche's, it was great, everything you promised and more.


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